The Vineyard Wine Shop

The Vineyard Wine Shop

Category: wine & spirits

Location: 261 Fillmore St, Denver, CO 80206

Phone: 303.355.8324


Reasons we love this locally owned business: My conversations when I go into The Vineyard: 

“Hey Nate - I’m looking for a white that is not too fruity, not a chardonnay, to drink with friends on the back patio with some shish-ka-bobs.”

And voila!  I am led to an incredible wine that I would never have selected myself that fits perfectly with what I asked for.  Every. Single. Time!  Also to note, they have the most incredible downstairs wine cellar that makes me feel like I am in a wine shop in Italy.  I wish I could pull up a comfy chair and just drink wine down in that cute little cellar.  

Our top picks: Their Friday and Saturday afternoon wine tastings (pre-COVID), the Wine of the month club and, surprisingly, a well-curated selection of unique and delicious whiskey.



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