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The Highlands is one of Denver’s largest neighborhoods (250 acres) and is adjacent to downtown Denver.  Consisting of three popular districts, Highland Square, Tennyson Street and Lower Highland (LoHi) all consist of vastly different options for residents and visitors alike.  In Highland Square expect boutiques, wine shops, popular dining options and entertainment. Tennyson Street Cultural District boasts art, history, live music venues and a variety of international foods.  LoHi boasts some of the city's most innovative restaurants and bars and is known for its incredible views of the Highland Bridge and Downtown Denver.

The Lifestyle

​​​​​​​The entire area is bustling and exciting, with lots of entertainment, dining and shopping options to choose from, as well breweries and local coffee shops.  Highlands boasts lush parks and green areas as well as quaint neighborhood streets lined with trees.  No matter what area you prefer in Highlands, wherever you go you can expect to find a blend of young families, new homeowners, and long-timers taking up residence in one of Denver’s most energetic and vibrant neighborhoods.

Home Sweet Home

There is a plethora of high rise apartments in the neighborhood, and a number of Victorian-era homes as well.  New construction is rampant in the area and the average home price starts at $700,000 and climbs to the millions quickly.  For a complete and up-to-date look at the current market data of Highlands, including average price per square foot, average days on market and number of homes sold in the past few months, click here.​​​​​

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